Actionable Insight With a Customer Focus

Our data-driven approach ensures our customers get the results that drive their business forward

Our Philosophy

We take pride in being the enabling force that allows our customers to grow in ways they never could on their own.  With a combination of next-generation technology and premier services, we enjoy tackling customers' most pressing problems and uncovering ones they didn’t even know they had. The growth and success of our customers will always be our top priority.

Our Principles


Putting Customers First

Build lasting relationships with a focus on your growth and success


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automate the routine so your team can focus on what matters


Projects Pay For Themselves

Uncover value in your data to deliver real results


Quick Time-To-Value

Leverage extendable content to achieve results in days, not months

Save Money

Straightforward Pricing

Fixed rate pricing based on outcomes, not hours

Insight Over Implementation

Remove the burden from IT and empower your business now

What is the simplest question about your business that you can’t answer?

Our Expertise

Following industry trends and emerging technology, we help you navigate the world of analytics and Business Intelligence

We speak the language of data

Organizations today have far more data than they are able to handle and it can be overwhelming even knowing where to start. Working with inaccurate data or focusing on the wrong metrics can do more harm than not having any data.

Our experts are fluent in the languages of data and business. We focus on the right metrics to unlock the insights from your data to help grow your businesses.

We get the most from your funnel

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and your funnel is no exception. We are Marketing and Sales experts who understand every step in your buyer’s journey.

Our expertise helps you to be more targeted in your Customer Acquisition and build strategies to scale. Our deep analytical capabilities allow for measurement through every stage of the funnel and provides real-time feedback for the success of your initiatives.

Sales Funnel

We make Data Quality attainable

With years of experience managing Data Quality, Data Management and ETL initiatives for some of the world’s largest companies, we know how to maximize the quality of your data while minimizing the burden on your resources. 

In our initial assessment we will review the current state of your data and make actionable recommendations on how you can immediately begin improving the quality of the data you have and start collecting the critical data you need to effectively run your organization.

Streamline your operations

We understand the burden placed on your team by unnecessary and routine tasks. The importance of having the data you need in a format you can trust when you need it is critical in today's competitive landscape.

Using alerts, automation, and self service capability of our data platform coupled with our understanding of your key business functions, we can get your team focused on the high value activity that moves your business forward.

Streamline Operations

93% of Marketing leaders say that demonstrating the business value of their efforts is a high priority in 2020

While proving ROI to the business is the top initiative for Marketers, 66% report that their analytical maturity is intermediate or below. Click to read our recommendations on how to get started on your analytics journey!

Our Founders

With a background in economics, Jeff works to align incentives in order to drive success. He thrives on solving problems with data.

Jeff built capabilities at organizations of all sizes before co-founding Arras. He helped grow a startup to a successful exit and led Analytics and Strategy teams at large companies including BMC Software, Capital One, and Merck.

In his role, Jeff develops the ability for Arras to uncover actionable insights and helps clients turn data into intelligence.

Jeff Sirkin

Chief Executive Officer

An engineer by trade and a problem solver at heart, Tag is always looking for innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

Prior to co-founding Arras, Tag led Data Strategy initiatives for numerous Fortune 100 companies including Dow Chemical, Under Armour, American Airlines and more.

With experience building cross functional centers of excellence and deep knowledge of the emerging technologies in the data ecosystem Tag plots the course to ensure Arras has the cutting-edge platform and tools needed to meet clients' evolving demands.

Tag Greathouse

Chief Technology Officer

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