Solutions to Deliver Continuous Value

Comprehensive analytical capabilities to drive growth across your organization. Whether you are looking to acquire more customers, close larger deals, or streamline cash flow, we have the solution for you

Demonstrating the impact of your marketing efforts

Comprehensive offerings to prove Marketing ROI, optimize budget, and drive revenue through digital customer acquisition at scale

Attribution Modeling

Identifying the impact of marketing and sales activities across each stage of the customer journey

Channel Optimization

Measuring ROI for each individual tactic and optimizing spend mix across channels to meet business goals

Account-Based Marketing

Leveraging data to identify the best accounts to target and the most influential contacts within each

Cross-Sell / Upsell Modeling

Using data science to identify opportunities to expand footprint and product offerings of existing customers


Arras reduced our customer acquisition cost by 64% and helped grow new customers by 82% in 12 months. I cannot speak highly enough of the part they played in our company’s growth!

Joe Sanginiti

Chief Executive Officer


Arras developed an Account-Based Marketing strategy that doubled our ROI and increased the number of Marketing Qualified Leads by 42%.

Matt Malanga

Chief Marketing Officer

Arm your sales team with the data they need to close

Having insights into your customer base moves the needle on bringing a deal to closure. You will gain an understanding the pain points that will create urgency in the sales cycle and uncover buyer behavior to identify needs you would not know otherwise. Building a comprehensive sales strategy based on real data will give your sales team info they need to be successful.

With mobile capability and self-serve sales dashboards, your team will also have the ability to get what they need when they need it. No more waiting for an offshore team to compile a report or creating one-off calculations for every presentation. Our platform is always available and can be easily exported to any presentation.

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Value Across Process Areas

Our strategies and insight-driven offerings improve the KPIs and measures that matter most to your business

Maximized ROI
Conversion Rate Optimization
Increased Lead Volume
Customer Acquisition at Scale
Improved Customer Experience
Higher Win Rate
Increased Deal Size
Shortened Sales Cycle
Expanded Customer Footprint
Improved Customer Retention
Finance & Ops
Improved Cash Flow
Reduced Days Receivable
Minimized Vendor Spend
Managed Inventory
Effective Product Mix

Technical Toolkit to Maximize the Value of Your Data

Data Management

Cleaning and standardizing your data to ensure the highest level of hygiene across your organization

Data Engineering

Securely storing your data and developing Data Models and ETL processes to allow for efficient access

Data Science

Leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning to develop algorithms and uncover business opportunities


Utilizing the Arras Cloud Analytics Platform to tell compelling stories with data and have the relevant reports at your fingertips

Workflow & Alerts

Know when a key threshold has been reached to take action in real-time and not constantly looking in the rearview mirror

Data Integration

Maximizing the value of your Martech stack by providing a unified view of your business across source systems

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