Modernize Your Approach to Data

Our Data as a Service Platform brings together the best in cloud analytics technology with strategic insight from our team of experts

Arras Platform

Learn how our platform goes far beyond reporting

Data as a Service Model

Our unique service model allows you to scale as we grow your business together

Cutting Edge Technology

Our platform, powered by Domo, is the all-in-one solution to modern data challenges

First Rate Service

More than just a technology platform, our team provides the organizational support you need

Data as a Service

We combine technology and services to give you immediate access to a full-service data organization. Whether you are looking to build capability from the ground up or supplement your existing team, Arras is here to help you flourish.

Dedicated Environments

Structured environments so your data lives on its own safely and securely

Bypass the Implementation

Get started in a matter of weeks in the cloud without the hassle of a full-scale implementation

Custom Security Policy

Customizable security protocols that adhere to the unique needs of your organization's policies

Scalable Growth

Right-sized technology and strategic solutions for organizations of any size

Subscription Based Pricing

Monthly subscription model gives you access to data team on demand with transparent pricing

Supplement Your IT

Gain access to additional insights without placing burden on IT to manage and support

We work with the systems running your business

Comprehensive Data Stewardship

The integration and integrity of your data is crucial to any analytics effort. Platforms that simply sit atop your end-user systems can only offer a partial view of your business. That is why we always take a detailed approach to integrating, cleansing, and disseminating the data from the critical systems in your landscape.

01 Extract

With a library of hundreds of pre-built connectors, extracting data from your systems has never been easier. Whether cloud, on-premise, or proprietary, we can securely and efficiently integrate your data.

02 Transform

Good data quality doesn't just happen. We cleanse, de-duplicate, and connect your data across systems so you have a single view of the your customer.

03 Warehouse

This is where we bring it all together in a unified, scalable data warehouse. Having your data available in a single location with exceptional performance allows you to retrieve it when and where you need it most.

04 Analyze

Understanding what your data is telling you and uncovering new insights requires in-depth analysis and an eye for what to look for. This is where knowing what questions to ask of your data is just as important as how to answer them.

05 Take Action

Address issues in real-time and set your strategy based on facts, not assumptions. Whether it be a forecasting model, performance dashboards, process workflows, or data-driven alerts, we help disseminate real-time data to the stakeholders when they need it most.

Let your data tell you it's story

Powered by Domo, our platform is packed with the latest features.


Next Generation Dashboards & Visualizations

Hundreds of chart types and dashboards, dynamic filtering, and app integrations allow you to visualize your data like never before

Curated Content and App Integrations

Thousands of pre-built dashboards, connectors, and application integrations so you can leverage your data instantly

Dynamic Alerts and Workflows

Be notified immediately when issues arise or thresholds are met with personalized data alerts. Streamline business processes with automated workflows


Trust that your data is accessible and secure

Advanced Security Features

SAML-based SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, managed encryption keys, IP address restrictions, security profiles, and more

Highest Level of Data Security Certification

The most advanced security protocols with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certifications

Customized Data permissions

Dynamically manage and control access to data based on role, geography, or department using Advanced Data Permissions


Data Management, BI, and Analytics at your service

With a subscription to our Data as a Service offering, you gain access to much more than just a technology platform. Our team of analytics and data management experts are at your disposal to ensure you get the answers and insights that matter most to your business.

Expertise on Demand

Get access to best practices from our technical experts to build your data management capability. Our analytics consultants help to develop a measurement strategy that provides visibility to the KPIs that drive your business.

Reduced Overhead

Extend the capability of your organization without the overhead. Our ongoing service allows you to stay focused on your core business activities without the hidden costs and time of managing an analytics function.

Process Improvement

Maximize the value you get from the platform by working with us to automate business processes, workflows, and trigger alerts for key events happening in your organization.

Industry Best Practices

Our extensive experience allows you to have confidence that your data is being managed with the polices and standards to ensure it is secure, organized, and accessible

Start putting your data to work today

Multiple service options designed to meet the unique needs of your business

Multiple Subscription Options

We offer monthly and yearly subscription options

Dedicated Environment

Your platform and data is always yours and only yours

Scalable Platform

Seamlessly scale as the needs of your organization grow

Overnight Implementation

Our platform is live, hop on now and avoid a lengthy implementation