Turn Your Data Into Intelligence

Data Strategy Solutions designed to build confidence in your data and enable you to make more informed decisions across your organization

Unlock the power of your data

As organizations continue to collect more and more data, they often struggle to find meaningful insights. Even worse, inaccurate data can lead companies down the wrong path. We understand that pain and pride ourselves on simplifying the process and enabling our clients to make intelligent and insightful data-driven decisions.


Single View of Your Business

Integrate and connect data from across systems to gain visibility and form wholistic insights


Actionable Insights

Access the information that drives real value and allows you to seize business opportunities as they occur


Trust the Results

Implement the Data Governance and Standards needed to give you confidence in your data


The Metrics That Matter

More information isn't always better. We help you focus on the metrics that matter most to your business

Build Internal Capabilities

Build the data-driven culture that enables your teams to make more informed decisions


Scalable Solutions

Because our goal is the growth of your organization, we design solutions to scale right as you need it

Data Strategy and Solutions

Our focus on strategy and solutions over technology helps avoid the common pitfalls that cause projects to fail. Technology may support and enable more effective business processes, but new tools will not lead to better outcomes without keeping a focus on the objective

Leverage Cloud Solutions

New cloud and hybrid cloud solutions can increase capabilities without the investment of previous on-premise solutions

Build Self-Service Capability

Enable your team to access what they need, when they need it with real-time, accurate data at their fingertips.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Evaluate the total cost of your IT & Data Capabilities, not just licensing, to lower the cost of ownership while increasing functionality.

Expertise On-Demand

With new solutions released every week, we don't claim to have seen them all, but we've seen a lot. We will help you see through the marketing and evaluate the factors that drive success.

Adoption Strategy

No technology can be effective unless it is fully embraced. We will help eliminate the hurdles that prevent you from realizing your full potential.

Accelerate ROI

Projects don't have to take years to implement. Proper planning and management can lead to returns in months, not years.

We run the Numbers on the Systems You're Running

The Arras Roadmap to Success

While we always understand the unique needs of our clients, we have developed a streamlined process to get your organization up and running to see value in as short a time as possible.

Initial Assessment

Proper planning starts with understanding the challenges you are facing and the roadblocks preventing you from resolving them. Our assessment will evaluate critical technical and organizational challenges as well as review your existing technical architecture

Define Goals & Outcomes

The focus or our strategy is on increasing value for your business, not technical capabilities. We will define the goals that are most important and how to achieve them. Technology will certainly aid in that process, but their is seldom an off the shelf solution that perfectly meets your unique needs.

Develop Blueprint & Roadmap

Defining the proper solution and the roadmap to get there are the most critical aspects of a solid data strategy. We will help define what technologies are needed and how they fit into your organization. We will then map out an implementation plan that gets you there as seamlessly as possible.

Project Implementation

Let the fun begin! The right solution can easily fail without proper project management and oversight throughout the process. From staffing to change management, to deployment strategy, there are a myriad of pitfalls we will help you avoid along your journey.

Providing the right approach and guidance to navigate a constantly evolving data ecosystem

An enterprise's corporate data is quickly becoming one of its most valuable assets. Understanding how to leverage it effectively and efficiently can have widespread impacts throughout the organization. Whether it be enabling sales leaders to build more effective messaging or decreasing overhead by automating financial reporting, harnessing the power of one's own data can change the success of an organization. Too many companies are struggling just to put out the day to day fires from data issues rather than gaining a competitive edge.

At Arras we take pride in helping leaders make the informed decisions that can transform their organization and see them through to completion. From technology selection to IT architecture and design to improving data quality and building data literacy throughout the enterprise, we offer a wide array of services to meet your needs.

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