Turn Your Data Into Intelligence

Our modern approach to marketing and sales analytics allows you to collect and analyze data from across your systems to increase revenue, maximize ROI, and optimize the processes that drive your organization

Unlock the power of your data

As organizations continue to collect more and more data, they often struggle to find meaningful insights. Even worse, inaccurate data can lead companies down the wrong path. We understand that pain and pride ourselves on simplifying the process and enabling our clients to make intelligent and insightful data-driven decisions.


Unified View of Your Business

Integrate data from across disparate systems to uncover patterns and gain visibility across your entire business


Actionable Insights

Tracking your most important metrics in real-time allows you to seize business opportunities as they occur


Trust the Results

Emphasis on data integrity and validation so you always have confidence in your data


The Metrics That Matter

We understand the metrics across business functions that are the strongest indicators of success

Functional Expertise

Our targeted approach to Marketing and Sales Analytics is a result of extensive experience as practitioners


Scalable Solutions

Solutions that easily scale allow you to focus on what matters most, the success and growth of your organization

The Numbers Don’t Lie

DHL Resilience360

Attribution Model identified strategies projected to increase Marketing ROI by 3x


Account-Based Targeting model doubled sales efficiency for world’s most powerful review site


Growth Marketing strategies doubled net profit in 12 months and led to successful sale of the company

Data as a Service

More than Software as a Service, our subscription model combines a cutting-edge cloud analytics platform with ongoing strategic insight from our team of experts

End-to-End Cloud Solution

A single platform and approach to manage everything from ETL, warehousing, visualization and analysis

Self-Service Capability

Enable your team to access what they need, when they need it with real-time, accurate data at their fingertips

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our shared service model provides enterprise grade analytics at a price that is scalable for any size organization

Expertise On-Demand

Access to a full team of data analytics experts to leverage the right specialty skills when you need them

Analytics Strategy

Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business and strategies to fuel your growth

Accelerated ROI

Measure time-to-value in weeks, not months or years by eliminating timely and costly implementation efforts

We run the Numbers on the Systems You’re Running

The Arras Roadmap to Analytics

While we always understand the unique needs of our clients, we have developed a streamlined process to get your organization up and running to see value in as short a time as possible.

Initial Data and Process Assessment

We start all engagements by understanding your current analytics maturity and provide you recommendations to return immediate value. This 2-4 week engagement is the jump start to your analytics journey.

Implement Arras Analytics Cloud

We want to get you onto the platform and start delivering value as early as possible. Our pre-built connectors, dashboards, and library of content allow you to be up and running in weeks, not months.

Tailored Solution Development

Each business has unique needs and we are here to build out the solutions that are essential to your business. Whether it be an attribution model, custom reporting, process automation, or any number of solutions, we will work with you to implement the optimal solution for you.

Ongoing Data as a Service Capability

Continue to get access to cutting edge technology paired with a team of experts at your disposal with our subscription based model. Completely scalable and can be done in conjunction with additional custom built solutions so that you continue to get as much as possible from your data.

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Providing the People and Technology to transform your business

Our team of Marketing Analytics consultants has deep functional expertise to help you extract the most value out of your organization’s data. We specialize in developing comprehensive Attribution Models to identify the marketing and sales activities that have the biggest impact on business outcomes. This enables insightful reporting and allows you to optimize your budget across channels. In addition, we offer Growth Marketing services to maximize your Marketing ROI.

We drive immediate value for our clients through our powerful Cloud-Based Analytics Platform. Our dedicated client environments have the highest level of data security. We connect directly to your source systems and develop a Measurement Strategy for your business. This allows us to build Data Visualizations and provide access to self-service reporting. Our platform provides real-time alerts you so you can act on opportunities immediately.

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